Wednesday, May 5, 2021

svarog-merge and a new precalculate command

svarog 0.0.5 has been released. It contains two enhancements:

  • a svarog-merge tool
  • enhanced command cout << precalculate() << eol


The enhanced command cout << precalculate() << eol allows precalculating knowledge for a specific visible state. The syntax is:

cout << precalculate(<depth>,<granularity>,<query>) << eol;

For example:

cout << precalculate(3,2,{has_dorban_won_a_fight=>none ,where_is_dorban=>place_Poznan ,can_dorban_see_pregor=>true ,can_dorban_see_pregor_is_alive=>true ,can_dorban_see_vampire=>true ,is_pregor_following_dorban=>true }) << eol;

The result is a valid Svarog specification with the knowledge precalculated merely for this visible state.

The tool svarog-merge requires two files:

svarog-merge <file1> <file2>

It adds all missing precalculated visible states from file2 to the file1 specification. The precalculated knowledge section must exist in the file1 (even if the section is empty) and the precalculated knowledge in both files must have the same depth and granularity.

Using the new "precalculate" command along with the svarog-merge tool allows running the precalculations on multiple core machines effectively (so that all processors have work to do).

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