Friday, May 25, 2012

Make a movie with your kid! Part 2

Now render the virtual environment into a file environment.png:

Unpack the archive movie_maker_scripts2.tar.gz to the directory PERL, create a directory RESULT2 and then type:

perl -I../../PERL -f ../../PERL/ RESULT RESULT2 environment.png

After a while the directory RESULT2 will contain the images like this one:

 Success! The wizard is now located in his room.

The next step is optional. We want to put a part of the picture in front of the wizard. Let's cut it off using gimp and store it in a file table.png:

Now unzip the archive movie_maker_scripts3.tar.gz  to the directory PERL, create the directory RESULT3 and type:

perl -I../../PERL -f ../../PERL/ RESULT2 ../table.png RESULT3

After a while in the directory RESULT3 there will be pictures we wanted:

This gives as an illusion the wizard is inside the virtual world.

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