Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Today's presentation or what I did not say

I have had the presentation. I did not mention the auxiliary commands like "cout << model << eol;" or "cout << prolog generator << eol;". I was mainly talking about Perkun. As an example I used the game PerkunWars (running the Perkun interpreters for each NPC in the game). I discussed the difference between Pregor and Dorban (human and witcher). The different behavior is achieved by different payoff in the Pregor's and Dorban's specification.

Models. I did not speak that much about how difficult it is to create a model. If anybody takes a look at the "perkun" folder of the PerkunWars package it will become clear that we need to know Perl/Prolog to do that. The specifications for Dorban and Pregor have 286 kB each, which is determined by the models sizes.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Perkun lecture at AIHelsinki in the 27th September

I am going to give a lecture (15 minutes) about Perkun in an event organized by in the 27th September 2017. I will speak generally about Perkun and demonstrate the examples taken from the PerkunWars.