Friday, March 4, 2016

Perkun2 0.0.1 - with embedded Perl!

I have published Perkun2 version 0.0.1 ( It contains Perl! After the "interfaces" section you may type:

print "this is Perl code\n";

There is also a predefined object $Perkun2::Optimizer::optimizer that supports multiple callbacks called by Perkun2. For example this is how you can register a callback "print_prompt":

$$Perkun2::Optimizer::optimizer{print_prompt} = sub { print "Hello: "; };

Other callbacks are:
  • execute
  • on_action
  • print_current_belief
  • print_initial_loop_message
See the examples in the folder examples/examples_perl.

The Prolog generators created by the version 0.0.1 are modified so that they do not insert the model set instructions that would contain probability 0.0. This makes the generated specifications significantly smaller.