Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three reasons

Year 1290. ... When the pious nuns from her (St. Kinga) closter were asking her why she woud not have allowed to resurrect the cadaver of her nephew, the prince Andrew, many times she did not respond, and finally, when they were insisting, she answered that there were three reasons miraculously revealed to her by the Heaven, why he would not be resurrected. The first one, that the death was his salvation, since he did not  commit any mortal sin, and if he had been resurrected, the Heaven forsaw he would have commited many crimes. The second one, that because of him much Christian blood would have been spilled. The third one that his resurrection would become famous among the Polish and Hungarian nations, which would cover her former merits.

Didn't I tell you the lady was smart? Three reasons why a dead guy would not resurrect!

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