Sunday, February 3, 2013

My name is Vasa. John Casimir Vasa.

My name is Bond. James Bond. I wanted to write about one of our kings, John Casimir Vasa. A king-spy. He was supposed to become the admiral of the Spanish fleet and viceroy of Portugal. He was arrested by cardinal Richelieu under the charge of espionage for Spain, was imprisoned in France... Later he became a Jesuit, then a cardinal and finally the Polish king. I do not like him for his strong relationships with von Habsburgs. But I must admit, he had an incredible life.

During his reign there was an anti-Polish Khmelnitsky Uprising and we lost Ukraine then. But I must say that the Cossacks did send their representatives to the election in the 1632 and were simply ignored. We failed to give them equal rights with the Polish and Lithianian nation, which I regret a lot.

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