Monday, February 4, 2013

No beer for archbishop

A funny story from the 1303:
Conrad, prince of Cieniawa, due to the body lameness called "humpback", son of Conrad from Glogov, rector of Vroclav has been elected in unison to the Salzburg archbishopric. He went there to take his place accompanied by the magnificent pralats and lords. However, when he arrived to Vienna he found out that in Salzburg there was no beer brewed of wheat, that he got used to since his childhood, and they were drinking only wine. Therefore he gave the archbishopric up and from Vienna came back to Poland, to the Cieniawskie county, that was in the meantime taken by his brother Henryk. And since he wanted to get the county back with sword he was captured by the prince Henryk and conducted to Glogov. He was there imprisoned in a tower, from where his subjects and knights, the noblemen from Rudna and Lubin liberated him at night, but he died in the 11th October next year and was buried in the Lubin closter.

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