Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pagan reaction

An interesting Wikipedia link - Pagan_reaction_in_Poland. It was our first revolt against the Catholic Church, in the XI century. Unfortunately we lost.

BTW. We, Polish, use Latin alphabet, unfortunately. There are some special polish letters, like "ą" or "ć". I regret very much that the Great Moravia was destroyed and we could not use the Glagolitic script to write in our own language. Due to the Rome domination it was written only in Latin, for 500 years. This way we lost any clue about how our language looked like after the Xth century.

And there was a chance for us, a chance that we lost. There was a written slavic language already in the IXth century, the so called Old Church Slavonic. Unfortunately it was banned by the Pope.

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