Friday, January 18, 2013


I have two links about the polish people murdered in the 1944 in the western Ukraina, both links in Polish:

Antoni Kania "Ketlin" was a catholic priest living there at that time. In 1943 he notified Germans about the Ukrainians gathering there. This caused Germans to attack the Ukrainians, they were fighting for three days. I suppose the information he did it somehow got to the Ukrainians and they killed all the people in the village Huta Stara as a revenge in the 1944. I consider the priest responsible for their death. The interesting thing is that I am probably the only one who can see the corelation between these two facts. The persons having written these texts do not see any coincidence, they seem not to realize that what he did in 1943 may have caused the Ukrainians to strike back in the 1944. I think the Ukrainians may have found out about the betrayal from the Germans, or they may have just guessed it. One of the people killed in Huta Stara was Paweł Biernacki, aged 60 - his name was exactly the same like mine. It is extremely important to understand why what "Ketlin" did was wrong. He did something very dangerous for his people, but did not pay with his own life for that. He died long after the war, in the 1965.

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