Thursday, January 24, 2013


I was a little complained about the Catholic Church concerning the Latin and our lost chance to write in our own language, wasn't I. Well, there is an exception, as always. There is a beautiful Catholic song, the first Polish anthem, "Bogurodzica" (phon. Bogoorodzeetzah). It is written in archaic Polish, here is the translation:

The-one-having-born-the-God, the Virgin
Gloried by the God - Mary
By thy son, the Lord
Mother, Mary
Thou givest us, grantest us
Kyrie eleison (Greek: Lord, have mercy upon us)

Of thy deal, the Baptist, son of God
Hear the voices, fill the human thoughts
Hear the pray, we are spelling it
He will grant us, we are begging him
In the world a pious stay
After the life a stay in paradise
Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy upon us)

The language comes from the XVth century, here you can find the original text. So, even though I complain about Latin, I am happy they kept at least a little of our old language.

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