Friday, September 30, 2016

Wlodkowic 0.1.4

Perkun & Wlodkowic 0.1.4 have been published! Download them from

Wlodkowic 0.1.4 contains following improvements:
  • reports the expected value of payoff per action
  • Prolog generator
  • test command
The first feature means only that on optimal decision (in the loop) a real number denoting the action's "gain" (expected value of payoff) is printed out for every action considered.

A Prolog generator is created (like in Perkun) with the command:

cout << prolog generator << eol;

Unlike in Perkun it creates only the model (precisely the "set" commands).

There is also a new command:


It checks the inconsistencies of the model and prints them out to the standard error stream.

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