Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Embedding Wlodkowic

I keep developing Wlodkowic (you may download the current Perkun package to get it - https://sourceforge.net/projects/perkun/). I thought I would point out an important change between Wlodkowic and Perkun. When you embed Perkun in your own programs (like in PerkunWars) you only need to instantiate a subclass of perkun::optimizer_with_all_data and call the method parse. It means that all its activities are done directly by the parser. This is, however, not a very convenient behavior. Wlodkowic, on the contrary, will store the commands in a dedicated data structure and when embedding it you will need to call two methods:
  • parse
  • execute_commands
This is not important for you as long as you simply use wlodkowic directly (as a command line application), but it is important when embedding it.

I am working on Wlodkowic now, the main algorithm (the one used in loop) will be the same as in Perkun. If you remember - it is the algorithm implemented in the class optimizer (perkun::optimizer or wlodkowic::optimizer). It is the heart of Perkun (and Wlodkowic).

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