Monday, May 28, 2012

Sound engineering & animations

A tip: while recording the soundtrack for our movie it is important to assure appropriate silence. I mean even turning off the refrigerator, turning off a PC, shutting the windows. In the audacity there is a noise removal but it is better to minimize the noise anyway, so that we achieve a good quality sound.

We can easily measure the duration of the video files typing:

time mplayer movie.avi

Typically we will want to combine multiple video files together, this can be done with the mencoder:

mencoder -ovc copy movie_45.avi movie_46.avi -o result.avi

Not all movies need to be recorded with a video camera, we can also put in between nice animations created for example with the blender. In our movie the wizard writes a letter that is later delivered by a magic bird - this bird is actually an animation.

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