Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chaos Marines

The Chaos Marines we have painted. We like the Warhammer 40000 ;)

In general I have been trying to show the kid various activities different than the computer games. I like computer games myself and sometimes we play together. However it is important to maintain a balance. Warhammer is an awesome hobby both to paint and to play. I managed to find another one, too - the Dungeons and Dragons. It was a big surprise for me that after a couple months of playing my kid (now 9) expressed the wish to be the Dungeon Master himself. And it works! Of course I need to help him a little, but I would say he is a better Dungeon Master than myself. He is even creating his own monsters and enhancing the adventures with quite unexpected and interesting events. The role playing is definitely an interesting thing to do.

Concerning the Warhammer, we also have some Necrons and Eldars. Necrons seem to be the most attractive for my kid, possibly due to their skeleton-like look. They are also relatively easy to paint.

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