Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Today's presentation or what I did not say

I have had the presentation. I did not mention the auxiliary commands like "cout << model << eol;" or "cout << prolog generator << eol;". I was mainly talking about Perkun. As an example I used the game PerkunWars (running the Perkun interpreters for each NPC in the game). I discussed the difference between Pregor and Dorban (human and witcher). The different behavior is achieved by different payoff in the Pregor's and Dorban's specification.

Models. I did not speak that much about how difficult it is to create a model. If anybody takes a look at the "perkun" folder of the PerkunWars package it will become clear that we need to know Perl/Prolog to do that. The specifications for Dorban and Pregor have 286 kB each, which is determined by the models sizes.

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