Thursday, July 13, 2017


I have an idea how to limit the size of the hidden variable values we search through. Imagine we have n following hidden variables:

hidden variable v1:{false,true,none};
hidden variable v2:{false,true,none};
hidden variable vn:{false,true,none};

Then for any visible state we specify an initial point:


Instead of all the space we only search a "sphere" with the grade defined as an amount of hidden variables that differ from the initial point (center). For grade 0 we only have a center. For grade 1 we have:

vi=>false or true


Thus we only have one variable - vi - that differs from the center. For grade = 2 we will have two such variables. For grade = n all the hidden variables will differ from the center:

v1=>false or true,
v2=>false or true,
vn=>false or true

My idea is to search through a sphere of k-th grade for a given center point. It may happen that the center points differ depending on the visible state.

I will implement the bobr code generator so that it only searches through such spheres.

My inspiration was programming. When we write a program we do not search through the whole space of the programs since it is huge. Instead we move in the space of programs step-by-step.

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