Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is zubr better than perkun or wlodkowic?

Just to recall: perkun and wlodkowic are interpreters. Zubr, on the contrary, is a code generator. Is it better? It has some advantage, since its code does not generate all the visible states, i.e. all the situations possible in the game. It works in a different way - much closer to the chess playing programs. It builds the game tree dynamically.

Both perkun/wlodkowic and zubr generated code contain my optimization algorithm. The same algorithm to maximize the expected value of the payoff function.

Zubr generates a Java code, which I consider an advantage.

All the three tools come in the perkun package:

If you have a C++ program that needs my optimization algorithm then it is better to link it against libperkun or libwlodkowic. I have written two small games demonstrating how to do it, it is (for perkun) and (for wlodkowic). They both create separate processes for the perkun/wlodkowic interpreters and communicate with the parent process with pipes. Feel free to take a look at their source code.

There are, however, some things you might consider a zubr's disadvantage. For example the model - you have to hardcode it in the getModelProbability method. There is no syntax for a zubr model. The same holds for the payoff (method getPayoff). Wlodkowic offers an extra section for the apriori belief - again, in zubr this requires an extra method.

Zubr has also no syntax to inform the optimizer about the impossible states or illegal actions. It should be resolved with an extra feature - the iterators. I hope to explain them later. You may also take a look at the zubr man page and the code it generates.

In the recent posts I walked through the zubr examples stored in the "examples" folder of the perkun package. I tried to demonstrate that the hidden variables based state is beneficial for the quality of prediction/optimization. I think it is time for a major example using zubr, something like Perkun Wars for perkun or Thragos for wlodkowic.

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