Wednesday, February 22, 2017

zubr - an optimizer generator tool producing Java code in Perkun 0.1.6

I made some improvements for zubr and wrote several examples. They can be found in the "examples" folder. Zubr comes as a companion tool in the Perkun package:

The examples are:
  • example11_simple.zubr
  • example12_with_frame.zubr 
  • example13_with_optimizer_thread.zubr
  • example14_my_optimizer.zubr
  • example15_get_input.zubr
  • example16_on_error_in_populate_belief_for_consequence.zubr
  • example17_get_model_probability.zubr
  • example18_simple_automaton.zubr
  • example19_get_payoff.zubr
  • example20_hidden_variables.zubr
  • example21_set_apriori_belief.zubr
 They are ordered in the increasing complexity. I recommend running the Java code produced by them. In order to try out an example (say the last one) run:

zubr example21_set_apriori_belief.zubr >

Then create a Java application project (for example in NetBeans), put the file in the source folder (package "optimizer") and enjoy a simple optimizer generated by zubr!

I decided that only the Perkun values and variables are passed in the zubr specification - the apriori probabilities and the model probabilities are passed in pure Java (there is no special zubr syntax for them). It is better like that.

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