Friday, June 1, 2012

I have lost in "Risk"

My kid is bilingual, he can speak Polish and Finnish. At home we only speak Polish, he also attends a polish school, once a week. Apart from that he attends a finnish school. He knows also some English due to the Dungeons and Dragons. Also a couple words in German and Russian (he can read a little Russian). He reads a lot in Finnish, especially "Aku Ankka" (Donald Duck). He also likes us to read him books, I usually read him "Cyberiada" of Stanislaw Lem, in Polish of course.

BTW. Yesterday we played in "Risk". It is a kind of a strategic game. I lost. I like this kind of games. I remember I was buying them even when he was too small to play them. I remember for instance he got a game called "Empire" for Christmas. Then he said this was a gift for daddy, not for him. But this "Empire" was really a nice game. Besides it was a good way to teach him a little about the european history and geography. It was about the Roman Empire. We still play it sometimes.

Languages. I mentioned already he creates his own monsters for the Dungeons and Dragons. Then he describes their capabilities in English. Sometimes he does not know how to pronounce words. I was always telling him that the English people had no idea what is an alphabet good for, for example the ending "ough" could be pronounced in seven ways or so. He was laughing;) To be honest we also have some historical issues with Polish, for example there are two ways to write the same phonem. But usually in your own language you do not realize that.

I like Russian and German. I can speak both. Unfortunately I do not speak Finnish, and in Finland almost everyone can speak English. I will have to learn Finnish, though. It is a shame my kid can speak it but not me.

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